EMNA, founded in 2014 by Emna Rached, a french architect who was born in Tunis and based lately in Turkey, is an independent design and architecture firm.

“Our concept is based on underscoring the work of the handcrafters in this region and try to work in collaboration with them on a final product that enhance the material itself and the line of the design as if it is an architectural product. We are not involved in any manufacturing process, we are in continuous experimentation of materials, human skills associated to new technologies (with moderation)”.

At EMNA the concern is about architecture, design and art and the team is sensitive to their surrounding and environment. “Our furniture and architectural designs embrace muliticulturalism and several styles. We like minimalist oriental accent and using noble materials such as wood and marble to create useful objects for daily use and distinguished interiors”. Emna’s ideal design is a synergy of the object (or space) functionality, the purity of its lines, and the nobility of materials worked by the hand of artisans. The studio is working on unique pieces, limited editions and they do customized products it depends on the demand.

MARAH table is composed by three interlocked simple marble pieces. It can be assembled without any tool. It is used as a side table or a coffee table with a generous proportion wooden top. The combination of the two materials gives the table a very special signature.

The MUDALLA containers are made to give a color accent to any room. The coated metal octohedron is a perfect container for desk or table. The sharp corners of every box will seem to change every time you move it. It offers you multiple options and way’s to display. The MUDALLA tray composition is where classic meets contemporary. The minimalist design of the octahedron structure in combination with the stature of the hand polished CNC cutted marble create a balanced center-piece. MARAH trays are made in chestnut wood and coated metal. TROCTA table is a powder coated metal wire octahedron. It is a hand bended and welded structure that support a CNC cutted marble top. The top is a deconstruction of the basic geometry of the octahedron, the triangle. It is an assembly of different marble pieces. It offers an infinity of color combinations that keeps surprising you.


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