Sardinia. A 4-star hotel overlooking the sea. An oasis of peace and wellbeing.

The Lanthia Resort is located in the town of Santa Maria Navarrese, on the eastern coast of the island of Sardinia. This 28 room boutique resort looks over the Mediterranean Sea. Fully serviced with bar, restaurant, and an outdoor infinity pool. The property also includes a small natural park. A pedestrian underpass links the main house to the summer kiosk for beach access.

The architecture of the hotel is a modern interpretation of traditional Sardinia, from the restoration of a granite stone building to the design of the rooms’ interiors. The furniture and light fixtures produced by a local artist are also part of the project. Each room is named after a town in Sardinia, and each is distinguished by a colour taken from traditional costumes from each town. The same vibrant colour is used throughout the room, for the tiles in the bathrooms and the curtains and coverlets, providing a beautiful contrast to the neutral oak wood and white plaster of the walls. A large photograph with a detail of a traditional costume is placed on the wall and in a niche in the headboard of the bed – the work of a local artist.

The Lanthia Resort is a fresh, new and vibrant addition to the island of Sardinia.