The eye on the city: the transformation of a penthouse with a view of the Eiffel Tower

In Paris, on the top floor of a building surrounded by the greenery of Boise de Boulogne and the Jardin du Ranelagh, overlooking the Eiffel Tower, Les Invalides and Longchamp, a remarkable renovation project is underway, designed by the Paris-based Matteo Cainer Architects.

An apartment originally split into two floors and fragmented by an excessive number of rooms including bathrooms, walk-in closets, kitchens and utility rooms, and lying for thirty years in a state of neglect. The apartment will be turned into a bright penthouse with several green areas – a kind of hanging garden and – thanks to its position, a real “eye on the city”. Free and fluctuating environments, enriched by green touches and an uninterrupted view of the skyline of the French capital.

In addition to a new space division, which required a massive work, the firm has reconsidered all the interior design, accessories, finishes and, of course, the lighting system.

An open-air patio inserted into the dining room, which is the crucial space of the dwelling, offers itself as a sort of “clearing in the forest”, the gathering place where light, peace and tranquility reign. The patio is closed by glass walls that, once opened, capture the adjacent areas transforming the space into a single large living unit joined by this natural element.

Even the roof level, with its breathtaking view, plays a key role in the project of Forȇt Urbaine. The design studied in every detail provides different areas, including a dining and relaxation area, an open air cinema, a charming garden and a fireplace. There is also a large fitness area.

Supported by sculptural chimneys, on the pavement there is a pergola, the highest element of the project.

Forȇt Urbaine promotes a direct dialogue between nature and architecture, between interior and exterior, between man and the environment. The spaces are in fact pleasantly invaded by colors, perfumes, natural settings.

Last but not least: Forȇt Urbaine is a green project, with low Co2 emissions and truly sustainable thanks to photovoltaic panels, in-floor heating and cooling and the use of natural ventilation.