Dan and Hila Israelevitz design an original villa in Irus, near the town of Nessa Ziona Israel, almost entirely made from concrete

A rough concrete block that stands out on plot of about 500 square meters.

A street-facing façade that hides the entrance from the view, creating a halo of mystery around the villa.

The house constructed area is 390 square meters, plus 240 square meters yard.

The owners are a family with three children. Wife and husband have different tastes: she, born in a kibbutz and raised in a Moshav, dreamed of a house “solid, calm, modest, not huge”. He, more exuberant, wanted spacious rooms, suitable for lively convivial moments and to welcome numerous guests. Hence the decision to arrange the kids upstairs – four bedrooms aligned and open on a patio for open air games – and to move the parents’ room downstairs:

“… otherwise, at the end of the workday we would walk home, skip upstairs to our bedroom and lie in front of the TV until we fell asleep…”.

In addition to the master bedroom, the ground floor houses the kitchen and a large dining room, characterized by a large table of over 4 meters:

“… when I was a child, I had a friend who lived in Herzliya Pituha and his family had a large knights table with plenty of seats. I have always wanted one “.

The large glazed walls on the north facade not only fill the rooms with natural light, but allow the blue of the infinity pool, and the green of the garden, to discreetly enter the interiors.

The sculptural staircase by the iron artist Stav Prolenco is made up of exposed iron boards which have undergone a rusting process.

Concrete is also the key element for walls, ceilings and floors, in its rough or smooth variants.

The color palette of the interior is essential: in addition to gray, black and white are the master in almost every room except for the dining room, made warm by paneling in recycled solid wood coming from the demolition of a church in Austria.

Photo: Oded Smadar