The Veneto-based company presents Verso and Trim, the new highly performing inclined hoods.

Verso and Trim are the new inclined hoods manufactured by Falmec, a leading company in the production of exhaust hoods characterized by technological innovation, contemporary design, energy efficiency and 100% Made in Italy craftsmanship.

Verso and Trim are devices characterized by high technological performances for air treatment, with strong decorative feature and contemporary taste.

The two models are in fact intended as real design objects, with great geometric rigor and suitable for any type of kitchen environment.

Verso is composed of two superimposed glasses that allow the passage of fumes. The upper panel can be opened and adjustable, favoring, if necessary, a much more powerful suction. Available in glossy white or black finishes, Verso features an authentic and sophisticated beauty, square geometries and high quality materials.

Trim allows you several custom solutions. In fact, inside the front panel it is possible to apply panels in glass, ceramic or the same material used for the kitchen worktop.