All in wood and white plaster, the prefab has been made in Lecce by Rubner Haus for the sisters of the Franciscan order of Clarisse

The new monastery that the Franciscan Clarisse sisters wanted in absolute harmony with their sobriety and respect for nature, stands out candidly in the blue sky of Apulia. It was built in just 8 months, thanks to the Casablanca building system by Rubner Haus: it is 100% natural, efficient … and smells like resin!

As Sr. Marilù states: “To have charmed us was the idea of simplicity and frugality, as well a total respect for the environment. For us, who are mendicant orders, the wooden house symbolizes being as coherent as possible with the natural and simple life we have chosen”.


The space of about 600 square meters is also in compliance with the typical characteristics of the Salento architecture. Between the monastic and the outdoor area there is a rectangular chapel of 84 square meters. In the central part of the structure there are instead the chapter (a room for meetings of the religious community), the library, the laboratories, the kitchen and the refectory. There are also courtyards like a cloister, where you can also work outdoors, and a little detached guesthouse.

For the exterior of their monastery, the sisters chose exposed wood mixed with plaster, while the church is entirely finished with plaster.

This type of house made of wood and cork ensures high energy efficiency and maintains an ideal temperature and humidity inside. Without forgetting that, for example, to transport the material of a Rubner Haus house of 100 square meters, 3 trucks would be enough, instead of the 20 needed for a masonry house, with consequent fuel and CO2 emission savings. The wood comes from alpine areas with controlled deforestation.