Inaugurated last December, the West End Library in Washington DC is a user-friendly and bright space, punctuated by a bold color palette

Located on the ground floor of a mixed-use building designed by TEN Arquitectos (with offices in Mexico City and New York), in the West End district of Washington DC, the new library was designed by CORE Architecture + Design, a multidisciplinary studio founded in DC in 1991.

Designed to harmonize with the building that houses it, as well as with the neighborhood to which it is part of, the West End Library occupies an area of ​​almost 2,000 square meters.

Color plays a key role in the interior design, giving rhythm to the spaces and helping users to identify the different departments.

The creative staff of CORE studio chose bright green for the entrance hall, and equally intense colors for the shelves where books are displayed: cool colors for the children’s area (green, blue and magenta) warm (orange, yellow and red) for other departments.

The very high ceilings are a tribute to the majestic reading rooms of the ancient libraries.

White concrete columns mark the reading rooms and the children’s area, elements that are clearly visible from the outside thanks to the glass façade.

Complete the project the offices on the second floor, some relaxation areas and a meeting room that can accommodate up to one hundred people.

Sustainable and eco-friendly, the West End Library project has LEED gold certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).