The nuances of Mosaico Digitale® make the facade of the Temptation Resort unique

The Temptation Resort located on the stunning beach of Cancun, Mexico, expresses in the forms and in the extended color patterns the sinuosity which is the style of Karim Rashid. To cover the modern façade, an old decorative material was chosen, namely mosaic, but made with digital technique and in fluorescent colors.

In fact, for the façade was used Mosaico Digitale® (by Pepe & Con), a system that allows to create mosaics of any size, absolutely customized. The base image is reprocessed, decomposed and printed on resin tiles (from very small to large ones), mounted like a puzzle and later recreating the initial image.

Thanks to its flexibility and extraordinary aesthetic results, both indoors and outdoors, Mosaico Digitale® boasts prestigious clients such as Eataly, Versace, Costa Group, Chicago Underground and collaborations, in addition to Rashid, with other designers such as Mac Stopa and Sandro Santantonio.