Clay, original shapes and nuances, as well as different textures characterize these incredible collections, born from the creativity and skill of the Ligurian designer Eva Munarin.

EVA MUN, recently presented at HOMI 2018, is a collection of home furnishings made of ceramics with the traditional Maiolica technique (immersion of objects in a white enamel bath in order to make them waterproof for decoration).

Clarika Clarika

This collection features an original and unusual design, able to integrate with different types of environments, from the most contemporary to the more traditional ones. Vases, cache-pots, rises, centerpieces and bowls make up four collections – Chakra, Fuoco, Gusci and Gusci colore -entirely hand-crafted by skilled master potters


In all four it is possible to see a contrast between strong and intense shades and softer and more delicate nuances, glossy and shiny finishes and glazed and opaque enamels, recalling and inspired by the four primary elements: earth, water, fire and air.


This evident contrast of shapes, textures and color tones, in addition to characterizing each object, makes the centuries-old manual technique of ceramic art even more unique and fascinating.

 Gusci Colore

Eva Munarin fuses in her pieces the wisdom of craftsmanship, the imagination of the artist and the pragmatism of the designer, flawlessly succeeding in giving lightness and dynamism, through circular and slender forms, to a typically ferrous and heavy material such as clay.