Working inside glass bubbles surrounded by the subtropical forest. Where? At Amazon headquarters in Seattle

Conceived by NBBJThe Spheres is the latest development at the headquarters of the e-commerce giant, right in the center of Seattle, which was added to the complex consisting of 37-story towers, two smaller buildings plus a multi-purpose center, for a total of three blocks and 300,000 square meters of occupied area.

The ground floor of the headquarters houses a variety of functions and different spaces are open to the public.

Now, upon reservation, you can also visit The Understory of The Spheres, the new offices in the shape of majestic glass balls where there are tree-houses instead of meeting rooms. Yes, because the glass bubbles are furnished with a lush subtropical forest.

The Spheres, inaugurated by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos last Monday, is based on the principles of biophilic design, capable of stimulating creativity and improving brain function.

“A place where employees think and work differently, surrounded by plants”.

The three glass domes (the largest measuring about 27X39) are built using 620 tons of steel and rest on a sturdy cement base. Each one has an open plan layout and are furnished with about 40,000 plants coming from all over the world.

2600 panels of clear glass were used for the external covering.

A layer of film under the window limits the ingress of infrared rays, maintaining an optimal internal temperature.

The naturalistic effect is reinforced by wooden plank floors, floating staircases, terraces and water features, plus a four-story wall covered in living organisms.