A “walk-in” shower box made to measure, with an image interpreted with the digital pattern Frame P30.
Proposed by Vismaravetro, Sk-in is a complete range of walk-in shower boxes with fixed crystal elements and no doors. The glass sheets, profiles and stiffening bars are assembled in a system that combines the rigour of the design with the usual guarantees of safety, ease of assembly and water tightness.

The Frame decoration is created with digital printing on glass – Personal Glass – with the use of special ceramic paints, vitrifiable at 700°C during the hardening process of the glass plates, guaranteeing quality of the printing and unalterability of the colours over time.


The lines printed to form the grid have a slightly shaded outline to simulate the three-dimensionality of a metal frame, with the convenience of a decoration printed on the glass, unalterable over time and simple and effective maintenance. Each decoration is made to measure, so the size of the squares vary depending on the size of the element. Please note that the warranty is now extended, free of charge, up to five years from the date of purchase.

Info: Vismaravetro.it