58 rooms with understated yet refined furnishings and a rooftop overlooking the Toronto skyline: it’s the new The Broadview Hotel

An harmonious blend of past and present, a chic and at the same time informal hospitality offer: this is The Broadview Hotel, the newly inaugurated facility in Toronto, developed by the local architecture firm Streetcar Developments, in partnership with the creative team from DesignAgency who developed the interior design project.

The hotel is located in the west end of Toronto, the neighborhood that, after a significant process of gentrification, continues to grow and become increasingly appealing to locals and tourists.

Even the historic building where the hotel is located has undergone an important transformation process. Commissioned in 1891 by the soap manufacturer Archibald Dingman in Romanesque Revival architectural style, was the headquarters of the Canadian bank of commerce and, until recently, housed a gentlemen’s club.

In addition to tastefully furnished rooms in a pleasantly vintage style (with sophisticated furniture and some amenities such as the record player, available to guests to listen to the rich collection of vinyl records purchased at the nearby Tiny Record Shop, or works of art selected by Tatar Art Projects), The Broadview Hotel has a varied hospitality offers.

For evenings in the company, there is The Broadview Cafe, a sparkling and bright space; The Civic Restaurant, more discreet and intimate, is perfect for a romantic dinner. The Lincoln Hall and the Lincoln Terrace offer themselves as event space.

The jewel of the structure is however the panoramic terrace with a fully glazed façade and a unique view of the Toronto skyline and the river Don.

Photography: Worker Bee Supply