Through his pictures, young Jiehao Su has examined the deep soul of Beijing and won the prestigious prize for photography for emerging talents

The International Award for Photography and Architecture and Landscape Gabriele Basilico, now in its second edition, was created to honor the memory of the great Milanese photographer Gabriele Basilico, with the aim of being a reference point for research and experimentation of visual languages of the new generations.

An international jury (composed of critics, curators, teachers and specialists in photography and visual arts) gives a prize of 15,000 euros that the winner must invest in a photographic research intended to be published and put on display. “The Basilico Prize – says Paolo Mazzoleni, president of the Milan Order of Architects – does not select photographic works already made or published, rather prefers to choose and finance new projects from time to time. Thus we allow to realize ideas, offering every two years to a young photographer the opportunity to materialize through images a photographic ‘story’, a visual project or a tale”.

In 2018 the jury, at the headquarters of the Order of Architects of the Province of Milan, examined the works of 36 under 35 authors, from 24 countries around the world. The developed themes dealt with historical and contemporary architecture, anthropized landscape, interior photography, the birth of new places and every kind of complexity of the territories in a globalized world in transformation.

After a careful analysis, six finalists were announced, including the thirty-year-old Chinese Jiehao Su, who lives in the USA. ‘Beijing Views’ is the title of his project, which explores the integration between landscape, memory and the man, examining the way in which the Chinese population engages itself in the historical and semi-rural landscapes of Beijing. Jiehao Su will have to deliver the completed project by November 1, 2018. By the end of the year, a book will also be published that will accompany the photographic exhibition, presented to the public on 20 February 2019.