The Polish company iNyx launched a new product, a double bed with a large screen and all the comforts of a real cinema.

There are more and more the film-addicts who prefer the comfort of their own home to multiplexes, which are often very chaotic and not so cheap.

This is how it was conceived the iNyx Bed, the first bed in the world that recreates the perfect environment that only the best cinemas can give.

Equipped with projector and retractable maxiscreen for high quality vision, blackout curtains to recreate the right atmosphere, a surround sound system and the classic side drinks holder.

To embellish everything, a ceiling with different types of lighting, in order to recreate the classic starry sky atmosphere to which we are accustomed to during projections in large cinemas.

The company has started a crowd-funding campaign on the platform Indiegogo and has planned a selling cost of about 4,600 euros.

[Text: Giuseppe D’Orsi]