The restaurant, designed by Loft Buro, brings its guests back in time: its details remind the atmosphere of the private clubs where Ukrainian intelligencjia used to meet in Soviet times

Chicken Restaurant is a two-storey restaurant with terrace, in Kiev, that, with its shapes, colors and stylistic elements, reminds the typical Ukrainian atmosphere of the ’70s/’80s. It is a charming venue, imbued with history and rich in details, referencing historic customs and immediately recognizable by local visitors.

The interiors are characterized by the same lamps that can still be found in Kiev’s subway, enriched and decorated according to the style of that time, stucco ceilings, lead glass windows and delicate chestnut leaves – the symbol of the city – impressed on tapestries. The focal point of the restaurant is the rooster clock that overlooks the room renewing and modifying the traditional cuckoo clock. The animal – to which the restaurant owes its name –sings each hour, marking the passage of time. Also partitions and sculptures, specifically designed by Loft Buro for this space, are a tribute to the history of this city and a reference to great architect Vladislav Gorodetsky’s works. The general atmosphere, as it was conceived by Oleg Volosovsky, interior designer and founder of studio Loft Buro, is a deliberate reference to the interiors of a ‘salon’, a typical private club where Ukrainian intelligencjia used to meet in Soviet times. This is why the entrance of the restaurant is almost hidden behind an invisible door close to the wardrobe.

Designing Chicken Restaurant, Volosovsky shows once again his great creativity and attention to storytelling, related to a Ukraine of the past, that, through many details, is brought back to life.