David Chipperfield Architects Berlin Wins Competition for Elbtower in Hamburg

The project has been presented recently and it entails the construction of a skyscraper not far from the bridge over the River Elbe, that will modify Hamburg’s skyline.

With a height of 230 meters, it will be the city’s tallest building. Designed by studio David Chipperfield Architects Berlin – under the leadership of Design Director Christoph Felger – the construction is scheduled to begin in 2021 and to be completed in 2025.

                                                                             (© DCA/picture alliance/Christian Charisius/dpa)

It will act as a counterpoint to the recently inaugurated Elbphilarmonie designed by Herzog & De Meuron, becoming an entrance marker for the eastern edge of the HafenCity district. The jury chose the project presented by studio Chipperfield for “its great iconographic power and the ability to embed itself respectfully in Hamburg’s architectural culture and on the city’s skyline.”

The British architect commented: “We are delighted to have won the competition for the Elbtower project and we are happy to be invited to work in Hamburg again, especially on such an important site. As architects, we are increasingly aware that the city depends on the quality of projects from the private sector to create a strong civic dimension that engages with the complexities of the city. We look forward to positively embracing this responsibility with the Elbtower project.”

[Text Valentina dalla Costa – Photo © David Chipperfield Architects]