In CIFF – China International Furniture Fair, (Guangzhou, 18-21 March and 28-31 March 2018), Favaretto & Partners reveals some new products designed for Chinese companies. Founded in 1973 by Paolo Favaretto, Studio Favaretto immediately specialised in product design and has always had an international vocation.

In 2009, Paolo Favaretto was joined by his son, Francesco, who extended his international vocation to China and Asia, tod ay more than ever territories of great interest.We asked him what it means to work in China today, and what the prospects are for the work of designers in those markets.

Samu, multi-functionals seating designed for Sunon

How did your collaboration with companies in China start?
Our arrival in China dates back to 2012, and in the following two years we structured the study and deepened the knowledge of Chinese business culture. Two years after we first landed in China, we began our first collaboration with local companies, and today we work continuously with Chinese companies. Studio Favaretto&Partners has always been attentive and interested in international opportunities; in fact, as early as 1980, Paolo Favaretto, my father, worked in Canada and the United States. Today we are even more international, and we have active collaborations in the United States, Canada, Brazil, Germany, Portugal, Holland, India, Korea, and not least China. Currently, our international offices are in Toronto and Shanghai.

Angus sofa system, by Favaretto & Partners for the Chinese company Lightspace

Do you find that there are differences between working with Chinese companies and working with Italian companies?
China of today, from a cultural point of view, is profoundly different from the China we are used to knowing: it has changed a great deal, and these changes are due in large part to the new generations. The entrepreneurs with whom I find myself talking, in general, have almost always studied in prestigious international universities, very prepared and with clear ideas, and the resulting comparison is very stimulating, and also gratifying, as the profession of industrial designer is definitely valued.
The most positive side of this entrepreneurial approach is precisely in the determination to succeed, to show the world that China is not just about copies and sub-supplies. However, when working with Chinese companies, you should always pay close attention to the processing steps, the attention to detail, to ensure that the result is really satisfactory.

Ufo armchairs, by Favaretto & Partners, also for Lightspace

Are you planning on further developing your collaboration with Chinese companies?
Yes, we are very interested in consolidating the relations that are currently under way, which can guarantee us quality of work, which is a very important factor for us. The study is currently working on several international projects, the results of which will be seen at CIFF Guangzhou, Salone del Mobile in Milano, Neocon in Chicago, and Orgatec in Cologne.

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