The SISTEMA STRATOS® 4S represents the latest release of the compact solar panels from Cordivari for the production of domestic hot water. A high-efficiency compact solar system with integrated DHW storage that, thanks to the new patented ROTOSHIELD SYSTEM technology, allows you to accumulate all the energy collected in a short time and retain it for a long time without dispersion and without the risk of overtemperature.

Il sistema termico solare Stratos® 4S is equipped with a patented self-balancing stagnation guard system, the Rotoshield® System, which protects the system while maximizing its performance. It is suitable for the production of domestic hot water in all climate zones thanks to its ability to preserve the heat collected (it can, in fact, be installed in areas with temperatures down to -20 ° C).

The increase in temperature and therefore in pressure inside the circuit allows the system to position itself in “shielding” mode in the event of failure to draw energy from the user. The rotation takes place naturally without the use of electricity. The system constantly achieves the best balance between capturing capacity and temperature. In addition, the Stratos 4S system ensures optimum heat transfer without limescale and consistent performance throughout the entire product life cycle. The hot water is heated when you need it – quickly, safely and cleanly. In this way, the hot water available is always fresh and excellent from a hygiene point of view, without it stagnating inside a tank.

The circular shape of the collector allows to insure, regardless of the time of year and therefore the inclination of the sun, an optimal exposition to the sunrays. The reflected component, unlike a flat panel, is minimal and, therefore, the yield over the year is higher, ensuring a coverage of use equal to that of a forced circulation system.