The famous Indian restaurant Townhall doubles its venues with a remarkably European aesthetics recalling the elegance of colonial style

The first Townhall opened in 2014 and was an immediate success. However, nobody would have expected such a success that made it become a symbol of the city, leading to a second opening in a few years.

Eclectic atmosphere, Japanese dishes and international kitchen. This restaurant has now a second address: Golf Course Road in Gurugram, some thirty kilometers from New Delhi. The project was tasked to architects Amit Aurora and Rahul Bansal of Group DCA, the Delhi-based award-winning studio dealing with design consultancy, who were asked to create for the second restaurant the same allure as the first, respecting its aesthetics. In order to do so, they conceived an octagon plan with a wide central development, a sort of main volume around which nooks and corners dedicated to guests were created.

The leitmotiv that ties together the spaces of the whole structure is represented by majestic aluminum columns characterized by the typical colonial aesthetics, completed by faux-balconies  and plastered columns. The final touch is given by four large, customized chandeliers that enhance the symmetrical effect and give the space the perfect lighting ambience. On the walls are a few canvases and antique mirrors that reflect one other, making this space look wider. Townhall Gurugram received a honorable mention in the category ‘Form+Function’ at the second edition of the Annual restaurant design+development Awards 2017. [Valentina Dalla Costa]