Bencore, in collaboration with Ponzio, exceptional partner for this development operation, presents the innovative door system made with panels belonging to the Bencore product families (Starlight, Lightben, Hexaben, Ecoben ) and with the different aluminium profiles by Ponzio.

With this new system, Bencore not only achieves a good collaboration between important realities in the field of interior architecture and design, but also the opportunity to make the walls made with its own panels even more complete, since each panel can be integrated with a door which is functional, beautiful and perfectly integrated. The Bencore Door System can be made in all the finishes of Bencore panels, both polished and satin and in all the colours of your choice in the 21 mm thickness. It is mainly designed for the contract and office world, but if applied to panels in neutral or less bright colours, they lend themselves to being inserted in residential spaces with an amazing functionality and aesthetic value.

Bencore ha sviluppato due Every kind of door can be integrated in the system.

SISTEMA UNO_PORTA BATTENTE 45 o 90 CM: insertion on existing masonry, single leaf door with 45° or 90° cut profiles The frame is adjustable. The system includes handle, gasket and hinge accessories. The standard colours of the window are white, black and steel.

SISTEMA QUATTRO_PORTA SCORREVOLE CON SISTEMA BINARIO: sliding doors with one way wall beam. The system is supplied complete with accessories such as: handle, gasket and hinges. The standard colors of the frame are white, black and steel.