IoT design and sustainable architecture, smart city, talks, music and special effects: all this and much more is waiting for you at Inhabits, Design Diffusion’s event


All around the entrance of the Sforza Castle are the house units, the installations, the themed areas and the spots for reception and services of Inhabits (see map above and map with legend at Among the ‘satellites’ it is possible to closely appreciate products, technologies and solutions related to domestic and urban environments: efficient, green, based on cutting-edge design and technology. It is also possible to enjoy good music and excellent food!


The underwater experience among mosaics is unique

To experience the special effect of a ‘virtual pool’, there is Water Splash (photo below), entirely covered with the precious tiles by Mosaico+ (, designed by Studio Ikos_Architettura della Comunicazione. The resulting impression is that of diving…yet remaining completely dry! This illusion is created by reproducing the glare and the movements of water on the walls, as well as by technical elements such as the hanging metal ladder and the typical drains.

The dream smart bed in the near future

The enveloping shell of Hi-Interiors’s HiCan Experience Pavilion was designed by architects Andrea Piatti and Nicole Ruspa to welcome the visitors and make them live the unique experience of the smart bed HiCan based on the IoT (Internet of Things). The turnout is expected to be so high that it is recommended to book your experience on the website of the startup that invented this compact, futuristic canopy bed able to combine maximum comfort and technology monitoring sleep quality and a large screen for your entertainment. This innovative piece of furniture, both in shape and functions, will revolutionize our way of sleeping and living the bedroom (see the 2 pictures below).

Ultra-light carbon shading space

A pleasant resting area, in the tour de force of the FuoriSalone, is represented by the outdoor gazebo Medusa realized by the startup Karbonio, a very light carbon dome able to offer a 20 sq m shaded area during the day, while at night it lights up, underlining its reticulated frame that recalls a technological corolla.

Tactile itinerary in hi-tech ceramic

Architect Ferruccio Laviani, in a context as exciting as the FuoriSalone, decided to offer the visitors a short path that could help them distance from the many stimuli. AllOver (below) is, according to his words, ‘an architecture-exhibition space-installation’ to go through and discover in its materiality, in contact with the ultra-thin laminated stoneware produced by Cotto d’Este ( in exclusive large Kerlite slabs. In the project for Inhabits, the material shows its high expressive potential, from the finishes to the height (up to 3 m), that makes it possible to obtain large homogenous surfaces, both flat and curved, making the grout lines virtually invisible. Towards a new way of living and building spaces.

A module for humanitarian healthcare

The trailer-mounted mobile system Articolo 10 (below) offers basic healthcare anywhere it is needed, from areas hit by earthquakes to war zones all over the world. Designed by TAMassociati with Matilde Cassani for Emergency, it includes a clinic and a sheltered and shaded waiting room on the outside. The module has been realized thanks to ‘Periferie in azione’, initiative promoted by Padiglione Italia at the Venice Biennale di Architettura 2016, curated by TAMassociati, group of designers that has always been working with NGO Emergency in Italy and abroad for new headquarters and restoration operations.

Press area and info point as strong as steel

The area dedicated to journalists and professionals is hosted in the steel building ‘The Light – Delight’ (photo below), built, like the info point, with Scaffsystem’s Structura system (based on light, cold-formed, predrilled profiles): a building solution that enhances the use of steel for its acoustic, thermal, fireproof, ecologic and energy performances and that is the result of the combination of design, architecture and engineering. Combined with complementary materials, steel makes it possible to create awnings, booths, but also residential construction operations (multi-storey villas and bungalows). In particular, the project for Inhabits has been completed by the design intervention of Officine Tamborrino, a new brand of Gruppo Scaffsystem.


Starred chefs for food lovers

In the themed area dedicated to food ‘EXTRA-ordinary taste’, starred and renowned chefs such as Philippe Léveillé, Misha Sukyas (above, in the center) and Felix Lo Basso will alternate, presenting dishes especially created for Inhabits. The laboratory-kitchen is located within the small prefabricated structure Concrete Food (below) designed by C.M.C.2.0: the vivid colors of the exterior catch the attention, while, on the contrary, the interior total black scenic space highlights the central space where the performances of the chefs take place.


Design Week Music Festival

On the stage, starting from 6pm, thanks to bluefactoryevents, the Design Week Music Festival takes place starting with lounge, chill out and deep music tracks, continuing at night with tracks ranging from electronic to tech-house: with DJ sets by Riva Starr, Nice7, Flashmob, Stefano Fontana, Soul Clap, Wolf+Lamb, Peter Kruder and many others, alternating with artistic performances, along with video mapping and light shows.


The sustainable city is already real in Milan

The first smart district in Milan is Uptown, presented at Inhabits by Euromilano in the experiential space About Cities (photo below) intended to communicate visitors the high quality of life of the innovative district based on the four fundamental aspects related to life in the city: green mobility, energy and sustainability, information and communication technology, people and community. In other words, the characteristics that are indispensable to live the city in a modern way, but also the characteristics of the past such as sociality, yet equipped with the most advanced technology to move or achieve the ideal and sustainable climate in each home. [LB]