There is a context, such as that of the kitchen, where innovation has now unfolded in every corner, in every product. One of these products, strongly characterized by elements of innovation and design, is the hood Sintesi proposed by Falmec.

Why are we talking about… the synthesis between innovation and design? First of all, for the union, in a single body, of the suction system and the induction cooker hob. Sintesi is in fact a solution that integrates perfectly into the worktop, and it does so with a suction apparatus equipped with flaps that open during operation, and then disappear, aligning perfectly and invisibly with the hob when you finish cooking.

In this way, you have a uniform surface, without any thickness or obstacle, facilitating cleaning.

Sintesi hood, by Falmec.

The suction effect develops vertically, in the rear part of the cooking set, so the fumes and vapours are sucked in a balanced way, allowing the maximum exploitation of the internal space of the cabinet and ensuring a practically non-existent size. And then, of course, the performance: Sintesi in fact guarantees excellent suction performance, unparalleled silence (thanks to soundproofing materials) and energy efficiency that allows it to obtain the A++ as an energy class. This ‘intelligent’ encounter between cooking and aspiration also allows easy installation of the hood (in fact, no interventions are planned to adapt to the worktop, thanks to the stainless steel frame that wraps around the body).

Detail of the Sintesi hood, by Falmec.

Last but not least, its combined filter Carbon.Zeo, which combines zeolite and active carbon (both materials of natural origin), to ensure the ‘capture’ of odors and the reduction of humidity generated by vapors during cooking.