Between the participants to Inhabits, the event organized by DDN – Design Diffusion per lfor the Milan Design Week 2018, there will be HiCan, the smartbed designed by Hi-Interiors. It is a very particular project, an “intelligent” piece of furniture, born from Hi-Interiors, a start-up founded by Ivan and Gianni Tallarico, young Italian entrepreneurs who wanted to combine the family’s historical expertise in the wood manufacturing industry with a line of products in which design and hi-tech know-how come together to create “something innovative”.

HiCan, technology and design for sleeping.

The smart bed from HiCan (acronym for High Fidelity Canopy), designed by Edoardo Carlino, offers design and technology in a single product, with the aim of improving people’s quality of life. With this project, which focuses on the Internet of Things – the integration of Internet connection and everyday objects – Hi-Interiors aims to anticipate the potential and importance of technology applied to sleep.

HiCan, the smart bed “pod”

HiCan, in addition to its original configuration characterized by the integration of multimedia and home automation components, is enriched with the function of personal health tracker, to monitor sleep time and quality and offer immediate feedback and comparable over time on our well-being. HiCan thus becomes the spokesman for the ambitions of Hi-interiors, which do not stop at this first project and on the contrary clearly identify the company’s mission: “Design connects life”.

The structure that will house it in Inhabits – Milano Design City, the event of the Fuorisalone 2018, is made up of a glass cube covered with an outer shell made up of 3-sided automated rotating fins, which, when closed, recreate the “cocoon” effect. The contrast between a glossy black exterior and a glossy white interior, enhanced by the play of light, enhances the product, which will be displayed in the Ebano and Golden Grey metallic finishes. The experience inside the pavilion will be guaranteed thanks to the technical sponsorships of Epson, Tailor Music, Futuro Luce and the coordination of Needle.

Inhabits – Milano Design City