The innovative bed HiCan featuring a Personal Health Tracker ensures optimum sleep, wellness and even entertainment

Revolutionary and intelligent, HiCan, the ‘connected’ bed designed by Edoardo Carlino, is the first project by Hi-Interiors combining design and technology in a single product. If you want to try this futuristic, technological bed during Milan Design Week 2018, book your exclusive experience on HiCan is waiting for you at Milano Design City Inhabits Design Diffusion, at the HiCan Experience Pavillon.

HiCan (High Fidelity Canopy) has an internal lacquered wood structure, an outer solid surface shell and leather linings, and integrates the connection to the Internet with one of the objects exerting a greater influence on our daily life – the bed. “Design connects life” is the motto expressing the mission of Hi-Interiors. HiCan integrates multimedia and domotic components with an innovative technology that can monitor sleep quantity and quality with results that are immediate and comparable over time.

Transforming the fundamental experience of rest into an investment on quality of life is the ambition of Hi-Interiors, the startup founded by Ivan and Gianni Tallarico who distinguish themselves for their researches aimed at the creation of the Internet of Furniture, collaborating with academic excellences, and international designers with different cultural backgrounds.

Hi-Interiors, protagonist at prestigious technological conferences such as the Web Summit (2017), is developing a sleep&health coach App and the launch of a new HiBed by the end of 2018. [GB]