In Milan, the exhibition ‘La grammatica della linea. Mario Gottardi architetto e designer’ includes three pieces of furniture interpreted from a contemporary perspective

The exhibition-tribute dedicated to Mario Gottardi’s work and life (IDEA4MI, via Lanzone 23, 15-29 April 2018) will display, in addition to photographs, sketches and documents of the period, three pieces of furniture designed by him, interpreted from a contemporary perspective. A prolific architect and interior designer, an extraordinary designer who made measure and balance his stylistic features, he worked in many fields: from urban planning to restoration, from public and private buildings to furniture for ships, hotels, houses, theaters, to which he added his role as a university professor that he interpreted as if he were the master of a big workshop.

            Mario Gottardi

Therefore, this is the occasion to admire the past as well as to discover the present and the future of Mario Gottardi’s work and it is no coincidence that the exhibition will be inaugurated during Milan Design Week: three prototypes of objects designed by Gottardi that will be commercialized in 2019 will be presented for the first time. Three furnishings from the ’50s were chosen: an armchair, a chair and a small table that were named after the women of the Gottardi family, Michaela, his wife; Maria Grazia, his daughter; Chiara, his granddaughter.

In 2018 also the cataloguing of Mario Gottardi’s archive has begun and it will be digitalized and made available for consultation at

The exhibition-initiative, conceived by his son Giorgio Gottardi, is curated by Caterina Corno with the art direction of architect Paola Maria Gianotti. Mario Gottardi (1913-2004) was influenced by rationalism, he interpreted its stylistic features updating them and following the cultural trends of his period, meeting practical and functional needs related to the use of spaces and furnishing elements. As the curator commented: “It can be noticed in the villas, where the building’s rigor is never separated from a sensitivity for volumes and spaces, as well as in residential buildings, where the housing need does not affect a skilled use of balance and space. His Venetian origins and the light of the lagoon are echoed in Gottardi’s works. The skilled use of solids and voids and the smooth line create the musicality sung by reinforced concrete, wood and steel. If the designing grammar of the building has to observe certain rules, the designing grammar of the object enjoys the creative freedom that unveils the most intimate dimension of the artist.”

[Valentina Dalla Costa]