Arcreative Day was born from the idea of Alberto Zanetta, architect and coordinator of the Corsi di Alta Formazione by the, to rediscover the creative, experimental and playful spirit of the first external events related to the Salone del Mobile in the early Eighties, when the “Fuori Salone” was still an exclusive club.

The designers were invited to the headquarters of Wedi Italia to create 10 handcrafted luminous objects in a one-day workshop, technically assisted by Gianluca Stefanini for the claddings, by Giordano Alterisio for the structural material, by Roberto Gamba of The Needle for the lighting technology.

Three materials were chosen for the first edition of Arcreative Day.

First of all, Wedi’s extruded polystyrene panels, designed to create showers, SPAs and wellness areas that are waterproof, sturdy, light and easy to use, perfect for speeding up all phases of work on site.

The second material, is a wall covering of Élitis, a French company with a 30-year history, which produces wallpaper and wallcoverings fabrics in new materials, characterized by contemporary graphic research.

The third element, finally, is light, which cannot be defined as “material” but which was indispensable: the final objective of the workshop, in fact, was the creation of a luminous object.

The projects resulting from the creative day, which was held on March 17, will be exhibited Sunday, April 15 at the Hotel Enterprise in Milan a perfect preview of the FuoriSalone 2018.

Exposition Arcreativeday, Sunday 15 April, h. 18.30

Hotel Enterprise, Simplon Course 91