The T-Edge collection by Ceramica Globo has now three new models in Globothin® with thin edges 

Once again Globo works for wellness – not only in the bathroom – presenting the T-Edge sinks, lighter than ever, realized consuming less raw materials thanks to their thinner edges. The innovative Globothin® mixture makes it possible to have only 6 mm thick edges, still ensuring the same hardness as usual.


These very functional washbasins are resistant to stains, dirt and abrasion thanks to the Ceraslide® enamel that reduces porosity ensuring greater hygiene: the presence of germs and bacteria is nullified thanks to  Bataform®, the antibacterial treatment applied during the production stage.

The designers of CreativeLab+, taking advantage of the ductility of GLOBOTHIN®, have chosen the essential, square aesthetics that harmonizes with the 14 ceramic colors available in the collection Bagno di Colore. [GB]