The most advanced technology and the highest Italian manufacturing meet and give life to a product of amazing quality: the Mia kitchen, created by Scavolini together with star chef Carlo Cracco.

Scavolini_Mia by Carlo Cracco_2.jpg
The Mia kitchen by Carlo Cracco for Scavolini.

Mia by Carlo Cracco is a domestic interpretation of the professional kitchen, with an important technological component, which perfectly integrates contemporary needs with the tradition of Italian cuisine. Today, in fact, not only the most demanding professional cooks are asking for tools that allow them not to waste food, to respect the organoleptic characteristics of food, with highly specialized cooking and conservation. For this reason, Mia by Carlo Cracco is equipped with a dryer to dehydrate food, with an oven for leavening, and with a device for storing vacuum, as well as of course a powerful and professional extractor hood.

Aesthetically, the Mia by Carlo Cracco kitchen is a tribute to technology and tradition: steel for work areas and appliances, warmer materials for the doors, such as the finish in clay tones. The work island features a titanium steel finish with vertical satin finish.