News for Vitra: it is presenting 4 miniatures of 21st century iconic chairs (3D printed for the first time) and, in autumn 2018, the Atlas of Furniture – a bible of furniture design!

For the Milan Design Week, the Vitra Design Museum ( adds to the famous Miniatures Collection four Vitra chairs ( designed in the 21st century, miniaturized and displayed on a ‘stand’ made of evocative objects under the watchful eyes of the designers of the original chairs: Front, Joris Laarman, Vogt & Weizenegger, Patrick Jouin. Therefore, the models of the Miniatures Collection of the Vitra Design Museum are now around 70, testifying to a design culture that forms part of our collective knowledge (the proceeds of the sale of the miniatures will be used to support the ongoing cultural project of the Vitra Design Museum in Weil am Rhein, in Germany, near the Swiss border and Basel).

This piece of news will make all design addicts happy: in autumn 2018, after years of work, the Vitra Design Museum will publish the Atlas of Furniture Design, a history of furniture design, the result of the research of over 70 authors, featuring 2,800 illustrations and documenting over 1,700 objects created by about 550 designers.

[Text Giulia Bruno – Photo Nacho Alegre]


                            Sketch Chair by Front

Challenging traditional design concepts, the Swedish team Front designed the Sketch Chair in 2005, which is faithfully reproduced as a collection piece.


               Bone Chair by Joris Laarman

The Bone Chair by Joris Laarman (2006), in balance on the objects that are indispensable at the office, was designed with the help of a software enabling optimal stability using the least amount of materials possible.


     Sinter Chair by Vogt & Weizenegger

Another 3D printed piece of furniture is the Sinter Chair, by German designers Vogt & Weizenegger, 2002.


                            Solid C2 by Patrick Jouin

This miniature reproduces Patrick Jouin’s Solid C2 (2004) realized, like the original, from a single piece and hand-finished.


The very famous Chaise by Charles and Ray Eames (miniature of the 1948 original)


Selection of miniatures of the classic pieces of the Miniatures Collection