At the Flos showroom, the spectacular installation ‘Jewels after Jewels after Jewels’ celebrates Arrangements, the collection of chandeliers by Michael Anastassiades

During the Milan Design Week 2018, Flos is presenting, at its showroom (Corso Monforte 15, Milan), an extraordinary lighting installation titled ‘Jewels after Jewels after Jewels’ celebrating the launch of Arrangements, the new collection of chandeliers by London-based, Cyprus-born designer Michael Anastassiades. With its strong scenic impact, the installation develops within the entire showroom and is anticipated in the shop window by miniaturized geometries combined in order to form the name of the brand.

Arrangements is a compromise between a lighting sculpture and an industrial design object: a series of geometric LED lighting elements that can be assembled in multiple combinations and changed in any moment using a different order and number of shapes (with no technical aid) creating elegant and original jewel chandeliers. Each element is electrically and mechanically fixed to the other thanks to an avant-garde technical component that allows electricity to flow through the whole closing system. The roses, available in two sizes, include the power supply, a system regulating the position and orientation of the lamp and a special customized electronics able to manage four different kinds of dimmer.

Michael Anastassiades (pic by Germano Borrelli)

The visitors, using tablets, can create and configure their own chandelier depending on their taste thanks to the ‘Make your Arrangements’ configurator, launched along with the new product during the presentation in Milan, which can be accessed at Designed and developed by Flos, this user-friendly system allows users to create and save the configuration of the desired lamp.