Vipp, Danish brand of design accessories for the kitchen, embarks on alternative hospitality: from the scattered luxury hotel to the shelter in the woods or near the harbor

Vipp, renowned Danish brand that has been producing accessories and complements for 78 years, last year inaugurated two hospitality facilities that are really extraordinary. Vipp has combined the luxury hotel with the concept of the scattered hotel, its elegant and functional design with contemporary facilities.

The first opened last November, with an ironic welcome sentence: ‘the moment you check in at the Vipp hotel, it’s fully booked’. That is because the Vipp hotelsells like hot cakes, since it has only two rooms, currently. It is possible to choose between the Vipp Shelter, a habitable shelter in the Swedish woods, and the Vipp Loft, a modern open plan space in the heart of Copenhagen. The third room will open this year and will be in an old water pumping station near the harbor of Northern Copenhagen  (Chimney House). 

The Vipp Shelter is a minimal, black steel 55 sq m prefab. Within, there is everything you need to enjoy a holiday in the green, secluded from the world, complete with a fireplace for cold days. Even from within, you have the impression of being among the trees as the ceiling and the walls are fully glazed. And, if you don’t like the view, don’t worry : the structure can be oriented as you wish.

The urban version is the second room of the Vipp hotel: a 400 sq m apartment in the Islands Brygge area, near the harbor, where art and design are melded thanks to studio David Thulstrup. Contrasting with the twin structure in the woods, here the dominant color is white. The wide oblique windows following the sloping roof allow natural light to enter and reflect on the light wood of the frame. [Valentina Dalla Costa]