In the objects he designs, young Gianmarco Codato combines function with colors and shapes, adding a playful design touch

After graduating from the IUAV in San Marino and gaining experience in New York and Los Angeles, Gianmarco Codato came back to Italy and, at studio Lino Codato Design & Communication, collaborates with various brands such as Meme Design: in the projects designed for the Rimini-based company producing fashionable furnishings, it is possible to see the playful features of his design.

A coat rack, shelf and even towel rail at the same time, Balloon is colored, with an indefinable nature, and, like a balloon it tends to fly upward. It makes any environment cheerful (design G. Codato for Meme Design).

The latest projects by Gianmarco Codato (born in 1987) are in the field of furniture design. His research is focused on innovative and simple materials, without losing sight of the potential of production methods. Codato designes essential ‘things’ able to raise emotions.

Metal and color enrich the essential shape of Etta, wall bike rack that can be transformed into a space saving accessory – for bike lovers (design G. Codato per Meme Design).

Formal perfection is broken by the neat line of the intersection of two partially overlapping circles: Way is a collection of three tables of different heights that can be combined or set against the wall (design G. Codato for Meme Design). [Giulia Bruno]