Between the news from Scavolini at Eurocucina 2018, we would like to talk about Box Life, an innovative modular structure that can furnish an entire small apartment.

The Shape kitchen, by Poliform.

Box Life from Scavolini is a project by studio Rainlight in cooperation with HOK, inspired by the increasingly nomadic life of today. It is a modular system that includes all the functions needed to furnish a home, hidden or visible, depending on the need at the time. Particularly suitable for small spaces and small sizes, Box Life is based on concealed environments, with modules that allow linear or corner solutions, where the protagonists are the retaining panels. The cupboards can contain a kitchen, with up to four appliances, an additional sliding worktop, as well as numerous shelves and drawers, sliding systems for the living area and sleeping area.

The operating areas are accessible through sliding or tilting opening systems, designed according to the space to be furnished. The handles and sockets are designed to integrate perfectly into the system; the outer panels have a recessed handle, the inner elements have grooved doors. The cabinet is equipped with internal lighting systems.

Box Life, by studio Rainlight with HOK for Scavolini; the bedroom module.