Big design doesn’t always have to occupy large spaces: on the contrary, sometimes great research is needed to design for small spaces, where every inch is important. In Eurocucina 2018, the Japanese manufacturer Sanwa has presented a few models of kitchens for small spaces, where essentiality and beauty come together, flanked by technological research.

“The impact of compact” – this is the name of the concept presented at Eurocucina 2018 – includes several products, characterized by technology and pure lines, including three designed by Italian designers: Alessandro Mendini, Elisa Ossino, Bestetti Associati.

The kitchens AM 01 (designed by Alessandro Mendini), EO 01 (by Elisa Ossino) and QB 01 (by Bestetti Associati), are perfect for both hospitality and residential environments where space must be used at its best, without sacrificing contemporary technologies.

The Sanwa booth cucine at Eurocucina 2018.

The same minimalism that characterizes the kitchens was the common thread for the booth at Eurocucina, designed by Bestetti & Associati and winner of the Salone del Mobile Milano Award, a stand that managed to recreate the quiet and intimate atmosphere typical of a Japanese garden, even in the chaos of a fair such as the Salone del Mobile in Milan.

The kitchen EO 01, a complete unit, which includes a cooker hob with two burners, sink, worktop and a set of accessories, is perfect for open spaces, co-working rooms, small homes. It hides behind doors that graphically draw a structure, concealing the technical/operative content of kitchen space behind panels inspired by the Japanese spatial concept.

The kitchen EO 01, by Elisa Ossino for Sanwa.

Alongside new projects from Italian designers, Sanwa has redesigned the AC 01-Adjustable Compact Kitchen, a compact kitchen that can be transformed into a desk when needed, and the SC 01, a hymn to stainless steel.

Kitchen Grad 45, by Sanwa, in stainless steel.