Internationally renowned designers and architects for the new collection by Bottega Ghianda that keeps the tradition of cabinetmaking on a high level

Bottega Ghianda, famous in the world for the art of cabinetmaking, continues with the important collaborations that, since its debut in the 19th century, have always characterized its history characterized by extraordinary artisanal ability combined with the design skills of designers and architects, international masters of the 20th century.

From Gae Aulenti to Cini Boeri, from Piero Castiglioni to Aldo Cibic, just to mention a few, everybody went to the Valmadrera-based workshop, in the Brianza region, to have the models of furnishings that would become icons realized, in a process of co-creation with Pierluigi Ghianda, the ‘poet of wood’ who, with his expertise, was able to translate their drawings into perfect combinations and shapes, with precious woods.

After the demise of Pierluigi Ghianda in 2015, Bottega Ghianda was acquired by the Sozzi family who follow the tradition asking the same craftsmen to realize rigorously by hand new pieces of furniture designed by great designers.

Bottega Ghianda’s 2018 collection, under the artistic direction of Michele De Lucchi, was presented during the Design Week at Milan’s Istituto Lombardo Accademia di Scienze e Lettere, at Palazzo Brera, and includes furnishings designed by De Lucchi, Mario Bellini, Naoto Fukasawa, Jean Nouvel and Tobia Scarpa.

Precious works that add to the already rich collection of historic pieces that could simultaneously be seen at Bottega Ghianda, at a short distance in the Brera district, at via Formentini 9.

On-on – One on One, design Naoto Fukasawa
A square wooden joist is the recurrent element of the furnishing family by the Japanese designer who presents an idea that is apparently simple yet very complicated to realize, entrusted to the highly skilled cabinetmakers of Bottega Ghianda.

Enigme à tics, design Jean Nouvel
Jean Nouvel entrusts the most intimate secrets to drawers hidden into a treasure chest, an enigmatic casket, where games are concealed. The skilled hands of the craftsmen sculpted, inlaid, wedged in the ‘now you see it, now you don’t’ effect. Below, the result of Enigme à tics when fully open.




Frisbee design Mario Bellini
A big round tray can recall Chinese tables with a round plate available to each tablemate at the center of the table. Or the platform that rotates when touched, giving you the pleasure of the always different perspectives of the many objects it can bear.

Tor – Ule , tavolo e sedia, design Tobia Scarpa
The craftsmen of Bottega Ghianda consolidate their well-deserved reputation with the table designed by Tobia Scarpa expressing the love for ancient techniques that perhaps cannot be matched by machines. Scarpa says that “even if it goes against the flow, the honest and valuable act cannot be canceled. It can be forgotten just for a moment because mankind needs beauty.” [Giulia Bruno]

A particular of the legs of the Tor –Ule table shows the mastery of the craftsmen of Bottega Ghianda