Among the protagonists of the Fuorisalone 2018, Thailand presented two exhibits dedicated to design and high-quality craftsmanship . One of them was Slow Hand Design: Thai Popism, at the Asia Pavilion,
the former industrial space in via Giacomo Watt.

It was an interesting journey between the contemporary thai design which has put in the limelight the work of 9 young designers which have won the DEmark award (Better Arts Group, Aztique Jewelry, La Orr, Flow Jewelry, Labrador, Plural Designs, Salt and Pepper, Saprang, Unique Space).


The selection, curated by Eggarat Wongcharit, has proposed furniture, objects, jewels and fashion accessories, divided into four theme-driven secions: DEmark showcase, containing all the info about the exhibit and the e-commerce where to buy them; Hospitality and home accessories, inspired to the shops and hotel lobbies, to present the potentials of a  country which is very active in the tourism field; Dining room & restaurant, dedicated to the table and dining accessories, and last, Designers shops and showcases, a selection of design complements.