Presented in March 2018 in Monza, the first BoffiDe PadovaMA/U Studio apartment, a new concept including home, bathroom and kitchen collections in a domestic space, setting up the philosophy which guides the realization of the new Boffi-De Padova-MA/U Studio stores.

The apartment Boffi-De Padova-MA/U Studio in Monza.

The showroom in the centre of Monza combines the essential contemporaneity of the furnishings of the three brands with the atmosphere of the historic buildings: the two-storey building that houses the showroom is in fact adjacent to the fourteenth-century church of San Pietro Martire, one of the oldest in Italy.

The apartment Boffi-De Padova-MA/U Studio in Monza.

The renovation, designed by the Boffi Group Style & Design Office and coordinated by the architect Chiara Tombari, is a dialogue between modernity and antiquity, thanks to the contrast between old coffered ceilings and concrete floors with an industrial flavor, with immaculate white walls, a pure container of essential design elements.

The apartment Boffi-De Padova-MA/U Studio in Monza.

The Boffi Apartment unfolds in a series of rooms furnished with real, domestic and daily settings, which create a fluid space; a large living/dining area, a kitchen, a bathroom, a sleeping area, all fully furnished, from furniture to accessories, to give an exhaustive account of the Boffi Group’s idea of home.


The Apartment Boffi-De Padova-MA/U Studio in Monza.