A few months ago, I visited the new showroom of Gebrüder Thonet Vienna GmbH (“GTV”) in Turin (a magnificent space, where icons and novelties are exhibited, and pieces from the endless Thonet archive, really – really – a sort of museum in an architectural context that, instead, refers directly to the contemporary); when I was mentioned to the collaboration with the Front Design (which I find exceptional!).), and that the news would come with the show, well, you can imagine what state of mind I had waited to see how the “brazen” girls could interpret the strong connection of the brand with tradition. Well, I was not disappointed.

CHAIR N.0, designed by Front, is a project which tells a new idea of elegance through the expressive force of the distinctive features of GTV proposals: curved wood and woven cane. The Swedish duo reinterprets these two elements in a contemporary key, enhancing their aesthetics, using the circle as a geometric sign for the backrest, seat and finally the armrest, thanks to the new technical network on the backrest, presented for the first time by GTV, which gives it a modern and attractive look. A chair suspended in time, feminine and eclectic, that plays with simplicity on the shapes and proportions of the structure in curved beech wood, enriched by the backrest in the new technical network or in Vienna straw and by the charming single armrest on one side.

Info: GTV – Gebruder Thonet Vienna