The bag. Eternal instrument of…seduction? Charm? Useful?

The start-up Amerigo Milano has welcomed all the creativity around this object of desire, to propose it in ways and types also surprising: the line of Luxury HOMEbags, is a series of luxury bags, giants, wood, leather and various fine fabrics, created for everyday use in the home. Matteo Perego and Domenico Di Matteo, founder and designer of the brand, explored new nuances of the love affair of the bag with the world of cinema, fashion, culture, everyday life.




“We have designed the Luxury HOMEbags as if they were small houses – they are full of accessories, compartments, spaces and options – small rooms, each of which has a particular task to perform. For example, a LISAMINA bag can become a coffee table by inserting the upholstered shelf, it can be a container for the plaids and cushions belonging to a sofa, or it can even be a very chic wood holder by inserting the specially supplied internal lining.

The Luxury HOMEbags of Amerigo Milano want to add a new piece to the long history of Italian bags in the world, bringing them into the homes as objects of high impact and high quality, handcrafted, custom-made, digitally promoted, to consolidate in the most beautiful homes around the world, one bag at a time.