A few days ago, the writer participated, together with Massimo Rosati, Elena Cattaneo and Alessia Forte, in a company visit in Vismaravetro; the aim of the visit was to spin the tale, on our respective social sites, of what had struck us most about the company on a personal and professional level: an informal and, if you like, social way of bringing products, technologies and prospects to the readers.

In the story of the beginnings of this brand, made by Elia Vismara, it emerges that the adventure of Vismaravetro, from its founding 71 years ago, starts in a place that will make the history of design, namely within the complex of Molteni & C; the founder Elia Vismara, in fact, linking to the need for glass products for the furniture industry, opened a small workshop inside what will become one of the historic names in furniture. A small “gem” that, in my opinion, helps to explain the evolution of this reality that, over the years, led first by Giuseppe Vismara and then, in our days, by the third generation, namely the brothers Elia and Stefano, has been transformed into a company present, with its products, in many countries around the world.

Starting out as a glassworks factory, the company has, so to speak, experienced the pioneering age of shower cabins, when they were made as truly unique pieces, and then faced the industrial development of this product, when the shower cabin became a modular system that could be produced on an industrial scale (so much so that, today, the shower cabins account for 95% of Vismaravetro’s turnover). As a journalist who has been following the evolution of the product (and the needs of the consumer) for some decades, I have often “met” Vismaravetro products, both in visits to the company and in the exhibition spaces linked to the numerous fairs I have frequented, and have seen this brand present,

from Ideobain to Paris to get to the Salone del Mobile and Cersaie. I was therefore able to appreciate the “desire” to take new paths, to propose innovative solutions, ranging from Twin (one of my favorites) and arrive at the latest addition, Suite, presented on the occasion of the last Salone del Mobile,

which has aroused a lot of interest for some of its technical and aesthetic features.

Suite (which is designed by Castiglia Associati) has in fact a glass and aluminum wall designed to enclose in a single solution the shower area and the sanitary area. The elements, framed by an aluminium profile with a simple and linear geometry, can be equipped with 10 mm tempered monolithic glass or laminated safety glass.

The tailor-made design and the many possible combinations make the system extremely flexible and therefore suitable for the most varied architectural situations, both in the residential and contract sectors. The height is designed according to the height of the room. It is not necessary to fix the ceiling: a gap left on the top allows you to free yourself from the irregularities of the ceiling and ensures proper ventilation of the spaces. The handle, made of solid surface material, is fixed with magnets, eliminating the need to drill holes in the glass.

It is available with a series of shelves and accessories, with magnetic anchorage if applied to the glass or fixed in a traditional way if installed on the wall. (Claudio Moltani)

Info: Vismaravetro.it