Polar, the artisanal ceramic table lamp designed to create interplays of light and shadow

Ross Gardam established his furniture and lighting studio in 2007 in Melbourne with the aim to create quality, original, accessible design. By offering a collection of internationally acclaimed products, each hand by local artisans and manufacturers, the studio strives to achieve simplicity and purity, pairing traditional techniques with high-end manufacturing technology results in products which are elegant, accessible and made for today.

Reflection of light and shadow: Polar table lamp directs light within space while also having the ability to create a circular light void. The user pivots the circular disc around the light source located in the body.

The lamp utilises a unique magnetically attached arm to allow the disc to orbit around the body directing or shading light. A friction disc in combination with magnets molded into the ceramic body allows the arm to snap into place and function.

Polar’s ceramic base is hand crafted using traditional slip casting and the surface is bisque fired and presented un-glazed.

Testo: Annamaria Maffina