The lighting design outdoor for the Pavilion UniCredit, – a project by Michele De Lucchi in the new Porta Nuova district of Milan, starts from energy saving: the amount of energy absorbed by the entire system is the same as the one consumed by a hair dryer, an iron and a washing machine, and the result is a magical and fascinating atmosphere.

UniCredit Pavilion, outdoor lighting design Gruppo C14.

The lighting design project for the Pavilion and the surrounding area, designed by Alexander Bellman and Gruppo C14, was inspired by the propagation of a wave: the light diffuses and progressively widens, marked by the punctual beams of the lampposts. The work on shadows, as well as the work on light, was fundamental here – as Bellman himself points out: “At night, the expressive power of an architecture increases, becomes more intense and draws itself in a surreal and abstract way. There are no similar night spots in Milan, where the contrasts between light and shadow arise from such a determined and precise desire. De Lucchi’s Pavilion, the architectural object with a changing surface, transparent and opaque at the same time, is the emotional and visual reference point of a carefully planned area.

The figures of the project are also interesting: 3,000 fixtures for 30 different types of lights, 8,100 hours of calculation, 786 meters of linear light, over 30,000 meters of wire.