Marillina Fortuna’s works are displayed in Vicenza: she collects what the sea brings ashore to turn it into material and dreamy art

Marillina Fortuna JC ‘Giardini sconosciuti (oltre il giardino) n 16

In Vicenza at the &ARTgallery( (via delle Poste 2), until June 30th 2018, the exhibition ‘Giardini sconosciuti (oltre il giardino)’ gathers some works by Marillina Fortuna, an artist who collects on the beach and on the cliffs rusty bed springs, pieces of wood and discolored plastic to transform them into beautiful and provoking works of art: small round coils and rubber bands swallow in the springs caps and nails, remains of pipes and pebbles or even nothing.

Marillina Fortuna ‘Io che raccolgo’

Marillina Fortuna ( has created an unexpected collection, crowding her unknown gardens with fragments collected on the shore, fences that only apparently are finished, evoking freedom, memory, illusion, hope and beauty.

Giardini sconosciuti (oltre il giardino)’ n 33, tra il frumento di maggio

Giulia Ceriani, in the text of the exhibition, writes that these unknown gardens are neither “metaphor nor (un)sustainable ecology of vision, but phrasing able to pursue a design of light and disturbing hypnosis.”

[Text Giulia Bruno – Photo@marraslow]