The house we are proposing here rises on a hilly land, in the centre of the Valle d’Itria in Puglia, in a context of high landscape value characterized by the presence of oaks and olive trees: the desire not to modify in any way the place on which to realize the architecture has pushed the architects to design a “suspended house”, lying on the ground, without altering its characteristics. The building is distinguished by two protruding horizontal slabs that float parallel and form the area of the portico, a space shaded and protected from the elements from which to contemplate the evocative panorama. On the rear front a garden surrounded by dry stone walls creates a protected area a more intimate space for guests of the house.

The technological solutions adopted to ensure high standards of energy efficiency have been integrated and harmonised to achieve an uncompromising architectural result. In addition, the use of local materials, such as limestone and oak, and characteristic elements such as dry stone walls, recall the architectural tradition and construction of Puglia. The open space of the living room has a double view: on the front opens to the landscape and on the back to the recited garden (or rather the ‘orthus conclusus’ with the typical shape of medieval gardens in convents and monasteries) and is characterized by large windows that create a dialogue with the external environment.

The new line of sliding doors Wide Vision by De Carlo, in fact, meets the expressed needs of the designer, to create a relationship without interruption of continuity with the surrounding area. This is a type of frame made entirely of aluminium, with a frame concealed in the wall that allows for a very large glass surface area and therefore greater lighting to pour inside.

The design of the structure provides a central knot of only 2 cm with an aluminum profile that develops in depth. Wide Vision is a sliding system that can consist of up to 6 continuous glazing units (with a maximum width up to 2.2 metres each: in this specific project the windows have a width of 2.00 m), with the possibility of designing glass walls with fixed corners made entirely of glass. The frame mounts a low emissivity glass, and offers an extremely low thermal transmittance coefficient (W/m2k), up to 1.4 Uw; in this way, Wide Vision ensures higher insulation performance (hot/cold) than the average. In addition, it eliminates any architectural barrier with a flush threshold rail.

 Project name: Casa M-101

Characteristics: One-family residential villa

Location: Ostuni (Brindisi)

Photo Credits: Dario Miale – Govinda Gari

Architect: Corsaro Architetti