You probably know by now how much I love those small Italian, family companies that, in the generational transition, not only don’t lose their focus but, on the contrary, relaunch themselves and do something different from their core activities, something borderline and experimental, maybe.

This is the case of Dg mosaic that officially presented the brand Mutaforma. It is always a matter of working within the so-called “increased materials”, starting with glass (which, thanks to the use of technologies, or rather, nanotechnologies, given the size of the tiles, or Tilla©, and also artistic experimentation), on which are deposited by a robot the chemical-physical properties that change the optical characteristics and, even, the aesthetic perceptions.

This glass-based compound can then be worked with any other material (in the case of the installations I saw today, we are talking about stone, glass and wood), with the only limit of the design imagination (of course, there is also the technological aspect, but I am absolutely sure that Mutaforma will be able to overcome any obstacle!). In the location of Milan, six paths were set up, where the common thread was light and its interaction with the material.

I found personally amazing the first of these (you can see an image on top), that is, the glass fabric, a satin where were inserted the Tilla picotesserae, decorated with pure silver leaf (design by Alessandro Vinci); I had already had the opportunity to see, and appreciate, the co-branding with Antolini, the Stratospherica collection, in Milan represented by a monolith in Black Magic marble with the Tilla decorated with silver leaf.

Beautiful, very beautiful is also the Luna Caduta (Fallen Moon), a design by Andrea Radice himself (who guides the company), a sculptural suspension object (see below) with tesserae depicting the lunar surface decorated with pure silver leaf and pearl, then applied to a sheet of opaline laminated glass, while the structure is made of wood.

And for 2018 there will be many more novelties, thanks to the collaboration with new, famed designers. (Claudio Moltani)

Info: Mutaforma

Luna Caduta, by Andrea Radice for Mutaforma