Now in its fourth generation, the Rubner Group, which closed 2017 with a turnover of 316 million, represents a unique entity of its kind, with 90 years of experience behind it, 1,300 employees and over 25,000 homes completed. Another distinctive element of the Group, is the capability to cover the entire wood production chain: from the forests in Styria, East Tyrol and South Tyrol, from which the raw material is extracted, to the production of doors, homes and large structures in wood, Rubner oversees the entire value chain. The wood is cut at sawmills in South Tyrol, East Tyrol and Styria in accordance with qualified sustainability standards, and is partially machined on site into laminated wood and three-layer plywood panels. The remaining wood is then transformed into the various products for the other companies of the Group: walls, floors and roofs are manufactured at the plant in South Tyrol; wood and wood-aluminium windows are produced at the plant in Val Sarentino; Rubner doors are custom-made at three different plants in South Tyrol and Belluno.

There are five business units:

  1. wood industry (Rubner Holzindustrie, specialising in structural wood; Nordpan, European leader in the production of solid wood)

  2. wooden structures (Rubner Holzbau, manufacturing large architectural works in wood

  3. large turnkey projects (Rubner Objektbau)

  4. wooden houses (Rubner Haus, manufacturer of wooden houses; Holzius, green building in solid wood)

  5. wooden Doors (Rubner Doors)

During a recent press tour, we could visit the Rubner Haus headquarters which, with 54 million turnover in 2017, 300 employees and an average of 250 houses completed every year, represents the core of the Rubner Group, and recently launched a new concept called “Studio”.

Building a house at Rubner’s factory.

The Studio system offers to the client/planner/architect full design freedom to design, not only the houses, but also the outdoor areas (for example gardens or swimming pools) and other special services, for complex projects requiring the support of a project manager; Rubner Haus supports the client already during the planning phase and during the entire planning and construction process.

“Our preferred partners are the architect and the designer – underlines Deborah Zani, member of the board at Rubner Haus – both in cases where the design takes place with the standard system of Rubner Haus, which offers the client a wide range of options and technical solutions, to define in detail the finishes, colours and materials of the perfect house, and in cases the design takes place with the Studio system, which requires an extremely complex level of sophistication of the design solutions and a complete customization of the project.

We then went to the headquarters of Rubner Holzbau, which with over 33 million Euros in turnover forecast for 2018, 115 employees and an average annual production of 20 thousand m³ of glulam, 20 thousand m² of multi-purpose panels and 8,000 m³ of crossed fibre X-Lam plywood panels. It represents the most technologically advanced branch of the group, and is is dedicated to the production of large wooden constructions with innovative or specially refined features.