Sleeping is good, and we already knew that. Many studies say this, and it is an easy thing to check. That sleeping could improve sports performance, however, had not yet been documented. Dorelan has thought about it, and created ReActive®, the first line of mattresses and pillows designed to improve the performance and recovery of athletes, both pro and amateurs.

What is Dorelan ReActive®?
A healthy rest becomes a form of passive training, considering also the fact that all of us, athletes included, spend a third of our lives sleeping, but that about 70% of the population does not sleep enough, either in quantity or quality.

The Dorelan ReActive technology

With Dorelan ReActive you can create your own custom mattress, thanks to an algorithm that translates body measurements and sleep habits into one of the 3 available versions, (soft, medium, firm). With this innovative technology, you can sleep better, reducing sleep fragmentation by 20%, perceived back-lumbar pain by 50%, increasing perceived recovery quality by 30%, reducing sleep time by 50%, and overall increasing perceived sleep quality by 25%.

The ReActive line was designed using ReActive Dual Technology, the first to combine MyForm Memory and Twin System. MyForm Memory ReActive represents the evolution of the high density Myform systems (95kg/m3), a polyurethane that, thanks to its molecular structure, adheres perfectly to the surface of the body, a feature that allows you to configure the mattress that best adapts to the body, eliminating all muscle tension.


ReActive Dorelan accessories

Dorelan ReActive mattresses have already been adopted by the Italian Triathlon Federation, and have regenerated the sleep of cyclists participating in the last Giro d’Italia, in all the hotels where the Giro stopped, in the stages of the route.

Good health therefore starts with a mattress, if with performance as an athlete, even better.