In Milano Santa Giulia, Spark One and Spark Two office buildings, designed according to WELL guidelines, will complete the business district

Designed by Progetto CMR, Spark One and Spark Two will be the ‘sparks’ that will give a new start to ​​Milano Santa Giulia district, where Montedison used to be, right next to the current headquarters of Sky. The total investment is expected to be around € 120 million. The project for Spark Two will be presented by the end of 2018. Once authorizations are obtained, the construction site for Spark One is expected to open and the building is scheduled to be completed in 2020.

The two buildings, respectively covering about 25,000 and 10,000 sq m, are one of the last important opportunities of services development in Milan, in an area particularly well connected to the city center. The complex will rise in the immediate proximity of the Milano Rogoredo railway and underground station, thus assuming a highly symbolic value as a gateway to the city of Milan.

Curated by Progetto CMR, with Deerns, Milan Ingegneria, and Gae engineering, the project aims to redefine a new identity for the entire area south of Milan, and is based on four main drivers: sustainability, efficiency, connection, community.

Spark One will be a nine-storey office building with a commercial base. Great attention is paid to green areas, to pedestrian and vehicular connections, realizing a new sense of livability through the construction of welcoming and stimulating spaces.

The Spark complex is among the first examples in Italy of projects designed following the WELL certification guidelines, a recently introduced protocol that assesses the livability and well-being of working environments by holistically stimulating a healthier and more productive work mobility also by introducing design elements such as thermal, acoustic, ergonomic comfort, physical movement and mental well-being.

[Text Paola Molteni]