The time has come to be virtuous, to have a different ethic, and to adopt different models of production and consumption. “Virtuous” is the main theme of the next edition of Maison & Objet, the trade show on home accessories and decoration, held in Paris twice a year, in January and September.

Fair trade crafts, upcycling, recycling, makers, are increasingly important for the development of design; conscious consumption is looking for products sustainable, traceable, with a fair and supportive impact, for a smarter consumption, products that last for a long time and whose production does not affect the environment.

The theme “Virtuous” also raises questions about the meaning of “low profile”, an approach which allows consumption without feeling guilty, to use the decoration – which is undoubtedly superfluous – while remaining authentically virtuous. The concepts accompanying the theme will be illustrated in an installation inspired by the “piazza”: a group of houses, offering multi-faceted perspectives, with different voices supporting the storytelling.

Rising Talents is the area focused on the future, with young talents who share their design philosophy and, for the September 2018 edition, come from Lebanon. Carlo Massoud, Marc Dibeh, Carla Baz, Anastasia Nysten, Studio Caramel and Paola Sakr are the names of the 6 designers who embody the renaissance of design in Lebanon, selected by the members of the jury of the Rising Talent Awards. A new generation who followed his forefathers’ example by combining their international experience with local production methods, an expression of their uniqueness.

Designer of the Year, for September 2018, is Ramy Fischler, based in Paris and of Belgian origin. His work focuses on the value of function, on the concept of space as a container for functions and well-being, both at work and in the home. In his products, the boundary between design and art is often blurred, and it blends in with the love of cinema and set design. The result is a multifaceted work, in which different languages interact, in a series of endless connections.

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