Flat open slippers are the protagonists of summer 2018, from straw to jewels, through 100% made in Italy embroideries

Some call them slippers, some mules, some sabots. They are the protagonists of summer shoe trends 2018. After all, they played an important role also last fall/winter, when they were made of precious leathers and arabesque velvets (mainly lined with fur), so they cannot be missing from the world’s most exclusive piers and beaches. Or in luxury shopping streets and at parties, legitimized by the dress code as ideal for any moment of day and night, with that irreverent and snobbish touch that never gives up comfort nor preciousness. By the way, this is not a repêchage, but a novelty!


Travel is the theme that defines the essence of Coliac’s summer. Everything is based on jewels, embroideries are inspired by botany, and pearls, with their spherical shape, complete the look with their perfection. The interplay of opposites is even stronger in the shoes thanks to the combination of jewels inspired by piercings and uppers recalling ear lobe dilatators.

Polly Plume

Polly Plume’s new Spring Summer 2018 collection mixes, with understated elegance, the typical Saint Tropez summer style with its various patterns such as vichy squares, hearts, polka-dots and little wild flowers, with more audacious details, almost glam, glittered and pop. The ecru woven raffia slippers, enlivened by multicolored tufts of straw, are refined and perfect also for a urban summer.


Akhal Tekè

Akhal Tekè is the brand of luxury shoes completely handmade in Italy, whose name is inspired by the world’s most precious and ancient horse race, Akhal Tekè, the golden horse from Turkmenistan, ridden by emperors and amazons. The high-quality embroideries and jewels used by the Teke tribe are the brand’s source of inspiration. Akhal Tekè stands out for its artisanal products: all of them are designed and produced in Italy and the embroideries are handmade. A refined and elegant design and a tapered tip characterize the Flat Mule model, adding a sophisticated touch to the shoe.

[Text Cristina Provenzano]